***** Star!
Learning with Clare was an enjoyable experience, there was no pressure and everything was done according to my comfort and willingness. Those that require a focused and personable instructor, will benefit from Clare’s Instruction. I enjoyed the focus on my weak points whilst not making them the subject of the lesson. It allowed me to strengthen my weaknesses whilst sharpening my other skills – Take my Word for it – I passed!

Khulekani Minsi

3rd Time Lucky
Clare is fantastic. She’s patient, easy to talk to and gives you so much confidence. I’m glad I found Clare and I now wouldn’t have wanted anyone else as my driving instructor. The help I got from the online theory test preparation resources really helped me and gave me so much confidence going into the test. I felt I could answer any question thrown at me.

Christina Hewings

Highly recommend
Clare was always very calm; even when I had just started driving and my coordination wasn’t great. She was very proactive in helping me book lessons and my test, going out of her way to book my first test. I would feel happy to recommend Clare for anyone hoping to pass with as little hassle as possible.

Jacob Whitaker

Amazing Instructor
Clare is a brilliant instructor for both male and females wanting to pass. I did 15 hrs to see how Clare taught and made so much progress. I then took the week intensive course and at the end of the week took my test and passed first time. Clare goes at your pace, makes you feel safe and confident driving. Highly Recommended.

Damian Hubbard

Great Instructor
I’ve just passed 1st time. Clare is a very lovely patient person and she taught me very well.

Alket Merko